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FemDom Lounge

IRC chat for Female Dominants and those who love them


Please also visit our sister chat room #men-serving-Women  Solace's Playlist
"Drowning in your own desire you will find yourself dashed upon the rocks of Her power. Bound by Her eyes you stand helpless before Her. Wavering under Her spell you fall at the touch of Her hand. Wanting nothing else, nothing more than this. Taken by Her, She who holds your pain and pleasure captive in Her hands. Playing upon you Her singing resounds like waves in your ear. "Surrender", She says. With pleading eyes and an open heart you abandon yourself to Her. Drinking in a new existence from the mouth of a Goddess."


Our little home away from home on the net, the Femdom-Lounge is a pleasant place to sit by the fire and chat with friends.

We welcome all visitors to our channel. Please keep in mind we do have ONE channel rule. More>>

Who comes to this channel?

 Everyone is welcome in our channel, we ask that everyone behave towards one another with respect and dignity. :

  • Female Dominants.
  • Male submissives.
  • Female submissives.
  • slaves of either gender.
  • Male dominants .
  • Tops, bottoms, switches.
  • curious newbies. 


Look through our website,  to learn more about our channel inhabitants, as well as to explore the world of BDSM. We are very honoured to be able to post writings of both nationally known BDSM practitioners, as well as our channel guests.

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